Barmby Moor

St Catherine

Practice night:


6 bells, 7-2-3 in A.

Total peals: 3

Total quarters: 15

Barmby were augmented from 3 to 6 as part of the millenium celebrations. Grants were given by both the BnD and the Yorkshire association.

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All Saints

Practice night:


6 bells, 12-1-7 in G.

Total peals: 19

Total quarters: 78

In 1856 the parish records mention only one bell of 17 cwt. This was recast by Taylors in 1887 and is the present 12 cwt tenor. The front five bells were cast in 1907 also by Talyors. The tower needed major repair work in 1989 that saw ringing cease until 1992. Ringing recommenced and continues to this day.

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St Michael

Practice night:


6 bells, 10-2-1 in G.

Total peals: 8

Total quarters: 36

The church is believed to be 11th or 12th century in origin. Prior to 1923 the tower only had 3 bells, these were recast in 1923 by Gillett and Johnston of Croydon as thanksgiving for the return of the men from the parish who served in the Great War of 1914-1919.

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Long Riston

St Margaret

Practice night:


3 bells, 5-1-20 in Db

Total peals: 0

Total quarters: 3

Long Riston began ringing in time for the 'Ring in 2000' drive. The bells are believed to have come from Rise when the new ring of five were installed there.

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St Patrick

Practice night:


8 bells, 10-0-24 in G.

Total peals: 38

Total quarters: 77

St Patricks is often referred to as the 'Queen of Holderness' to Hedon's 'King' (See Monday Practices). The most stiking feature is the tower renowned as one of the finest in the country. Patrington has one of the most unique entrances to a tower anywhere involving walking up the roof and crawling bent double along a narrow cat walk in the apex of the roof.

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St Nicholas

Practice night:


6 bells,

Total peals: 3

Total quarters: 30

The bells at St. Nicholas were out of action for many years due to the proximity of a sheltered housing complex next to the church. The closure of this complex in the mid 90's led to the bells being made available for ringing again.

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In Brief

Peal Statistics
3 this year
5 Peal ringers
1 Conductors
1111 Peals rung to date
Changes rung to peals 5,637,114

Quarter Statistics
59 rung this year
86 Quarter peal ringers
19 Quarter peal conductors
5724 Quarters rung to date
Changes rung to quarters 7,408,830